Latest and Popular Mohawk hairstyles for Guys

One of the most popular hairstyle among guys is Mohawk hairstyle. There are many variations in Mohawk haistyles. People go crazy about these haircuts. Even Beckham is popular for his Mohawk haircuts. There are other types of Mohawk such as Bihawk(Strip of long hair with shaved portion between the strips), trihawk(3strips with shaved portion between), Reverse Mohawk and Fauxhawk. This hairstyle is popular in America and Africa.

Popular Mohawk hairstyle
Latest Mohawk haircut
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Guys Mohawk hairstyle

Latest Updo Hairstyles

Often, simple and easy updos look so elegant that they steal the show and make every head turning towards them. Tying the hair at the back of the head with a band is the easiest way to make an updo. Else, using beautiful clips to take hair off the face is the best way to look smart. Casual updos are best for busy moms who cant spend much time in styling their hair.

Easy updos are worth considering for any formal or casual occasion. All you need are some hair styling products and accessories and you can give yourself the look like any hair style expert. For women with busy schedules, do-it-yourself easy updos help them save time and money.

Latest Updo hairstyles

Glamorous Updo Hairstyle

Paris Hilton with updo hairstyle

Fresh Spiky Haircuts

ultra sexy medium spiky haircut short spiky hair in the topcool Sporty Spiky! haircut for guys
rough spiky hair
Sea side spiky hair style!

Black men Trendy haircuts

African Hairstyle
Black men hairstyle
African conrrows hairstyle

Popular Men's FauxHawk Haircuts

Faux hawk haircuts for men

The Fauxhawk Haircut, also known as the frohawk, this haircut is an approximation of a mohawk, made without shaving or buzzing the hair on the sides of the head, allowing an imitation of the look of a true mohawk without having to commit to removing most of one’s hair.

A “fake” Mohawk which approximates the cut but without shaving the sides of the head.The fauxhawk is typically worn with a small but noticeable spike in the middle, though usually considerably shorter than many traditional mohawks. The style re-emerged in the late 2000s, one of the popular wearers being David Beckham.

The fauxhawk is known in the Hoxton and Shoreditch districts of London as the “Hoxton fin.”.

Faux hawk haircut

The ponyhawk or pony hawk is a type of fauxhawk created by a row of ponytails going down the middle of the head. This look was worn by contestant Sanjaya Malakar on an episode of the television show American Idol.

cool mens  Faux hawk  haircut picture
cool mens Faux hawk haircut picture

Hairstyle Ideas For Black Hair

If you don't have long hair and love the look of long hair, you can always get hair extensions or even clip-in extensions for a quick fix. Hair Extensions involve attaching human or synthetic hair to your natural hair by one of several different methods for a free-flowing, natural look.

Many different options are available for black hair and hair extensions. It is always best to consult with a hair stylist that has experience doing hair extensions on black hair, as black hair has different requirements. Not all hair extension methods will be suitable for black hair, depending on hair condition and texture. Make sure you get schedule several hair extension consultations so that you can compare/contrast methods and stylists.
Short Curly Hairstyle

Tyra Banks has a bouncy, medium hair style that features a deep side part with all layers curled. The curls start about 4-6 inches from the crown and are full all the way to the ends of the hair.

Tyra has many different layers throughout her head and they are all curled for dramatic effect.

This hair style can also be worn straight and smooth, although you may need the help of a flat iron to get the extra smoothness.

Medium Length Hairstyle

Halle Berry is wearing a long, very curly hair style. Create all over curls like Halle's by using a small curling iron on each strand of hair.

Creating this style will require a significant amount of time, especially if you do not have naturally curly hair.

For those with naturally curly hair, you may be able to apply a curl-enhancing cream throughout the hair and just let it air dry
Curly Long Hairstyle

Stylish Hair Ideas

TRICKS OF THE TRADE: Leave the Katy Perry coif at home and sweep hair into a sleek, high ponytail, like those spotted at Alexander Wang and BCBG Max Azria. If you have a short, funky cut, don't sport mismatched roots — freshen up your hue with a 10-minute color rinse at home if there's no time for a salon appointment, suggests celebrity stylist Wendy Iles.

OBJECTIVE: Look like a closer — not a Showgirls extra.

TRICKS OF THE TRADE: If you want to push products for a living, first know how to sell yourself. Hair worn in loose, smooth waves, parted to the side à la Moschino Cheap & Chic's fall runway, communicates trustworthiness and fresh ideas. "A simple style could be seen as a stabilizing benefit to the company — especially if it's a young organization," says John McKee, CEO of

OBJECTIVE: Show that you're more concerned about patients than 'dos.

TRICKS OF THE TRADE: Appear both confident and modest with a quick and easy half-up style, like the ones seen on DKNY's fall catwalk. "Your interviewer will want someone adaptable, so look like you are ready to jump into action and can handle anything," says McKee.

OBJECTIVE: Flaunt your business acumen, not over-the-top hair.

TRICKS OF THE TRADE: Show you can handle the big bucks without defaulting to mom-hair. A neat, flat-ironed chignon, like those seen on the Miu Miu and Calvin Klein fall runways, is the best way to convey quiet authority, says Iles. For a short and chic option, try a timeless angled bob.

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Mens long hairstyles

Men's HairstylesMen's Hairstylecool HairstylesProm Hairstyles Medium Hairstyles · Short Hairstyles · Men's Hairstyles · Prom Hairstyles · Wedding Hairstyles · stylist advice 18 Mar 2011 His long hair looks so good. Long Hairstyle For Men · Bae Yong Jun Long Hairstyle For Men Trendy Long Hairstyle For man All types of men's haircuts ideas

Popular Short Hairstyles


Short hairstyles look fabulous with any style.There are so many things you can do with a long hairstyles, from curling to crimp, to putting it up in a fabulous and elegant up do. One of the most popular hairstyles is the sedu short hairstyle. It can be worn by anyone by using a flat iron to add lustre and shine to dull hair. Women are also experimenting with the messy look. This is done by featuring a choppy cut in a messy manner.

Short hairstyles trends

Short hairstyles can look really great on round faced women. The key factor is to understand that the overall face is shaped more like a circle with the chin and jaw line gradually evening out with the forehead region. Key techniques to make faces look slimmer with shorter hairstyles include more volume, playful bangs, and good facial framing. Facial framing can really help create great looks for round faces. The three examples below are just a few of these gorgeous ladies' many great short hairstyles.

Feliciano Lopez Hairstyles,New Hairstyles 2011

In 2005, he was the first male Spanish tennis player to reach the round of Wimbledon since 1972, when Manuel Orantes reached the semi-finals. This is the best Grand Slam result to date, Lopez, and repeated it Again in 2008 Wimbledon, this time beaten by Marat Safin in four sets.

He is a player who finally beat Tim Henman Wimbledon career, his five-set thriller in the second round in 2007, up two.
He supported Wilson and Joma. In 2009, then played the longest match in Australian Open history to lose to Gilles Muller before Rafael Nadal, Fernando Verdasco obscured half that time.

His career, he played the same as going out to a maximum of 5 to 6-6, the fifth longest, and he was 16-14 for the 2009 Australian Open against Gilles Muller.

In 1997, Feliciano Lopez made ​​his debut in the pro circuit, Mallorca on 29 September in the second round loser Dusan Vemić.

In 1998, his ATP debut in the 1998 Open SEAT lost to Jiri Novak in the first round. He is competing in a changing circuit that loss, so the quarter-finals of the Spanish in Spain F7 and F8.

 In 1999, competed in the future, and challenging circuit. He won the first future events in Spain, Pedro Canovas F6 beaten 6-3, 6-3. He also reached another final loss 4-6 5-7 Reginald Willems, Spain F7.

Feliciano Lopez Hairstyle,New Hairstyles 2011